Thursday, 26 May 2011


After a successful talk at Barry Library during NIACE week and a book signing, I've given two more talks about the Radar Filter Room, where I showed the film taken in November 1943 at Fighter Command HQ during an active 8 hour evening watch.

The first talk was to Penarth 41 Club, around 30 men - none of whom knew about this essential part of the Radar defence of Great Britain. It is essential the work of the WAAF becomes known and acknowledged as the lynchpin of the successful defence of Britain. 

This talk was followed with the same subject to a different audience - thirty eight-year-olds from All Saints Primary School in Barry. They were so enthusiaistic having visited the Imperial War Museum earlier in the week. Their classroom was decorated with memorabilia from WW2 - a copy of the train taking evacuees away from danger, a copy of an Anderson Air Raid shelter, ration books and wartime posters. They asked over thirty very intelligent questions. Congratulations to the Head Teacher and the inspiring staff who were encouraging these children to learn with pleasure and interest and instilling such confidence in them. I enjoyed every moment of the session with them.

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