Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Eileen will be appearing at (or attending) these venues in the next few months:

September 12th
The Official Opening of the Battle of Britain Memorial Museum in Bentley Priory, the Wartime HQ of Fighter Command, under Air Chief Marshal Dowding, where she once served, to be opened by a member of the Royal family and where Pat Robins, the writer, and Eileen will be demonstrating how they worked in the Filter Room tracking the aircraft picked up by Radar and identifying them as friend or foe, in order to initiate fighter interception. 

August 3rd - 4th 
Eileen will be spending two days at Llancalach Fawr, the Manor House. This is a World War II reenactment weekend (where Hugh Turnbull is acting as commentator). Eileen is giving a talk each day on the Filter Room and will also be available for people to talk with her.

September 15th
Special service for the RAF at St. Paul’s Cathedral to commemorate the Battle of Britain

September 26th
Talk in Barry to All Saint’s Mothers! Union on the Filter room

October 3rd
Talk on Education during my Life – Teaching and Learning for the Retired Head Teachers Association in a Cardiff Hotel

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