Friday, 30 November 2012


In September, Eileen Younghusband (author of One Woman's War) had the honour of visiting Bletchley Park during the Veterans weekend to give a talk on the Filter Room, the lynchpin of Air Chief Marshall Dowding’s system of the use of the Radar chain. She described it as a secret kept longer than that of Bletchley Park.

You can listen to Eileen's talk via the Bletchley Park podcast here:

One Woman's War is available now from Candy Jar Books.

Friday, 9 November 2012


Eileen featured in her very own documentary last night (8/11/2012) on ITV Wales.

Welsh Heroes of World War II: Tracking the Enemy depicted Eileen's work in the incredible Filter Rooms, part of the ingenious RADAR chain, during World War II as she tracked planes and incoming bombs over the skies of Britain. Using just their mathematical talents, Eileen and the other WAAF girls were responsible for knowing exactly what was going on in the air. It was their filtered information that determined both the location of airborne aircraft and which were friend or foe.

Eileen speaking on ITV Wales
Tracking the Enemy went beyond the Filter Rooms of World War II in its 25 minute running time and introduced Eileen to the modern system of Air Defence now in place. When asked if she would like to get back to work Eileen replied 'If I could be twenty-one and do it all over again, I would'.

The commemorative window at Bentley priory
A truly inspiring documentary, Tracking the Enemy has helped to highlight the vital work done by the young women of the WAAF who have now been honoured at the home of the Royal Air Force, Bentley Priory, with a stunning stained glass window. For more information on the programme and for a sneak preview of the show, please click here

Eileen's book One Woman's War is currently in the final stages of its transition from page to screen. The one hour documentary tells Eileen's story of her (so far) 91 years, covering everything from her childhood to her marriage to dealing scrap metal for a company in Spain. A truly remarkable life, One Woman's War is due for release in December*.

Watch this space for the One Woman's War trailer coming soon.

*date of releases subject to change.