Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Candy Jar is proud to announce that Eileen's first book, Not An Ordinary Life, is now available via Kindle.
Eileen Younghusband Not an ordinary life
From London suburbs to French au pair, city clerk to secret War Room, V2 detection to VE-Day, concentration camp guide to language teacher, pig breeder to busy hotelier and scrap metal Queen—then bachelor’s degree in her eighty-seventh year! This autobiographical book tells of how changing times brought historical events into the life of an extraordinary woman.

Since this book was first released in 2009, Eileen has gone on to write 'One Woman's War', a critically acclaimed account of her time serving in the WAAF in World War Two. For this electronic version, she has brought her life story up to date by adding a new chapter, writing about her experiences of becoming a celebrity author at the age of 90!

You can buy the Kindle version of Not An Ordinary Life here.

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I have just had a fantastic experience. Richard Pepper the creator of Photographic Memory  a personal lifestory portrait  contacted me some weeks ago. After seeing me on the BBC Breakfast programme he asked if he could use my life as the subject for a portrait to be used at a special event.
The BBC were holding an exhibition at Olympia under the heading “Who do you think you are?”
He had booked a stand to launch his new project and my portrait was to be the centrepiece. He visited me several times, taking famly documents to use as a backcloth and superimposing photos illustrating family, career, history and background.
He has presented me with a framed replica  the result touched my heart. It is a wonderful way to commemorate what is important and touching in everyone’s life. You should commemorate your family in such a way.