Tuesday, 19 August 2014


With a BEM and a People's Book Prize under her belt, Eileen is no stranger to awards. But today she received an honour with a difference: a portrait by Cardiff artist Nathan Wyburn. Nathan, who will be familiar to many from his run to the final of Britain's Got Talent, is famous for creating his work out of unconventional materials; think Simon Cowell painted with Marmite, or Fabio Capello with spaghetti bolognese. So it's hardly a surprise that he didn't depict Eileen with watercolours. Instead, Nathan used miniature WW2-related images  -- Churchill, Westminster, ration posters, rocket launches -- to recreate Eileen as she can be seen on the cover of One Woman's War.

Britain's Got Talent finalist Nathan Wyburn and war veteran Eileen Younghusband with the portrait he has made for her.

Nathan presented Eileen with his work at the opening of his show Not That Kind of Art, which is to run until the end of September in The Old Library. Eileen was delighted with the work, describing Nathan as a 'great talent'.


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