Wednesday, 29 May 2013


A final word of encouragement to those that haven't voted yet for the People's Book Prize: with mere hours away before the winners are announced later on tonight, now is your final chance to have your say in who should be the victor!

With Eileen Younghusband's One Woman's War as part of the line-up (alongside Terry Cooper's Kangazang! Star Stuff) we are officially excited about tonight's event!

We have all worked to create something we are immensely proud of here at Candy Jar, and wish good luck to both Eileen and Terry in what is surely an exciting time for them as well!

Click on the link and cast your vote. You can find Eileen's One Woman's War under the 'non-fiction' category, and Terry Cooper's Kangazang under 'ficton'.

Get on it!

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